Experienced Professionals Leasing Office Space in Manhattan

The Kaufman Organization ownership team originated in 1909 and spanned three generations of family. They are a full-service New York-based real estate company leasing office space in Manhattan. The company is active in the ownership of commercial and residential property, leasing of office space, management, and acquisitions. Currently, the Kaufman Organization controls approximately 5 million square feet of commercial properties throughout New York City.

Kaufman Organization Ownership Team, leasing office space Manhattan, is headquartered in Nelson TowerKAUFMAN MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC: ONSITE MANAGEMENT

The majority of the Kaufman Organization portfolio is under direct management with a team of experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing a professional level of service. Kaufman Organization is headquartered at 450 Seventh Avenue, so tenants can trust that their questions or concerns will be timely addressed through onsite management.


Originally owned by Julius Nelson, Nelson Tower was sold to Samuel Kaufman in 1945. The New York Times had described Samuel as “a pioneer in the development of the penn zone and garment district.” When he purchased the Nelson Tower, he was already one the largest property owners in the neighborhood. Kaufman’s original tenants included the Carnation Company (acquires by Nestle), the Loft Candy Corporation (now Pepsi-Cola company), and countless textile firms.


Kaufman Management is comprised of a professional team with decades of real estate experience that are intricately involved in the day-to-day operations of commercial property management. The building operations and maintenance department offers various services for clients and owners including monitoring and maintaining facilities systems, maintenance work order management services, core and shell renovations, and construction management. The finance team provides property accounting and contract management, institutional level reporting, and expense optimization programs.

We handle:

  • Code Compliance
  • Financial Planning
  • Acquisition & Disposition Analysis
  • 24/7 Emergency Coverage
  • Municipal Filing
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance Supervision
  • Staffing & Payroll
  • Union Relations
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Budget & Variance Analysis
  • Cash Management
  • Construction/Renovation
  • Project Management